De Quatro Hanaoka Kana [MXGS-941] 2/4 Hot Whores

De Quatro Hanaoka Kana [MXGS-941] 2/4 Hot Whores play
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Supper was usual then we sat down and watched a movie before bed and that night mom came into me to wish me good night gave me a foul smelling drink and a kiss on the cheek and went to bed

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. Karen gets down on her knees strips out of her house coat is completely naked and starts sucking my cock swirling her tongue around it as she bobs her head, dad glancing every once and a while but pretending not to notice as he went about his business.


. I smiled again to myself and went off to bed. After a few minutes of cock sucking, I thought I would really try my luck ‘Right, get up on the table, and pull your skirt up and bend over in front of the mirror so I can see your arse while you lick my balls’ she quickly stood up and climbed onto the low coffee table, pulling up her skirt to reveal a nice red pair of french knickers, she bent over to lick my balls and I had a clear view of her in the mirror on the wall above the fire ‘Very nice, lovely arse’ I said as she started to lick my balls and slowly pump my cock

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